The REST of the Story.

The Flutterwheels are enjoying another great year and we continue to grow. We always have fun theme nights and talented people helping to make them great. We started out the dance year with our Sep 15 Vacation T-Shirt Dance with caller Ed Kerns.

Our Mainstream Lessons began on September 19 with 10 wonderful candidates in the class: Phyllis Lerner, Kathy Harvey, Heather Radcliffe-McGinnis, Amy Wolf, Robert and Sally Puleo, Jim and Joanne Bunce and Harry and Ruth Majuzian. All have proven to be perfect examples of what Flutterwheels should be. Welcome to the square dancing community! Special thanks to teacher Ed Kerns and class coordinators Rich Moody and Anthony Casale and to all of the angels who came out to help on Tuesday evenings.

It was pirates galore at the Pieces of Eight dance with Ed Kerns on October 6, followed by our Pumpkin Party Dance on October 20 with Ed Foote replete with a pumpkin sculpture by Tomas Gonzales, our very own resident artist, who sculpted and donated it for our night. If you have not seen Tomas’s work you should check him out online. Click here.

On November 3 at our "Sharing is Caring" dance we brought goods for the local food bank, which helps those in need. Mark Franks called and attendees also raised funds for caller Tom Miller's medical expenses. The next day, November 4, more than a dozen club volunteers gathered at Deer Path Park to help park cars for the very popular event called "Touch-A-Truck". Children and adults too are permitted to "touch", sit in, look at, and climb on fire engines, rescue vehicles, police cars and just about every other kind of commercial and military vehicle you could think of. It brought back memories to some of us of when our children were young. You know, tired parents trying to return to their cars while dragging protesting children determined to return and check out just one more truck! Speaking of being of service to others, you must check out the Grand Square article "Sometimes Angels Need Angels Too" written by Donna Serio. It tells the story about Flutterwheel dancer and frequent angel Sara Burton who suffered a stroke and how fellow dancers have come together to help in her recovery. It is a must read found in the May 2018 issue. It shows the spirit of square dancing at its very best. Special thanks to Donna Serio for pulling this team together. Also, thanks to Ralph Serio, Rich and Mary Moody, and Brian and Kim Blasic who have gone above and beyond to bring Sara to our dances and summer picnic and to Betty Brown and others who have assisted Sara with her various needs while in attendance.

One of the highlights of this past year was the Mini-Festival on November 12. Over 22 club members attended, 12 of whom were graduates of our 2016/17 mainstream class, thanks to the encouragement of our club president Jeff Bell. It was a great day capped off with a fantastic gourmet pizza dinner at Millie's Old World Restaurant in Morristown, New Jersy. We enjoyed visiting and getting to know each other better and of course eating pizza.

Our November 17 "Work of Art" dance called by Gerry and Chuck Hardy found many dancers creatively costumed. Visiting dancer Maureen Moynihan came as the "Woman in the Pearl Earring" and had the details down perfectly.

The December 1 "Chili Weather" dance with Paul Ingis was followed by a blast of cold, snowy weather, which forced the cancellation of the December 15 and January 5th dances.

There’s nothing better to fight a cold winter’s night than a hot bowl of soup. Such was the case on February 2 at our 5th annual Souper 8owl. The birds (Eagles) have nothing on our ladies. Souper Bowl V was a huge success - everyone scored a delicious bowl of soup. The ladies have turned the tables on the men however. They insist that next year should be Souperman Souper Bowl. So the challenge is on the men. There are, however, some ground rules... no soup from a can. What!? The only kitchen tool we know how to use is a can opener! Ok men, on to plan "B", soup from scratch. Game on, ladies! Souper Bowl VI, here we come. We have a whole year to figure it out and practice. Thank goodness for the internet.

The February 2 "Roaring Twenties" dance found flappers and gangsters pounding the floorboards. Plus classes with teacher Mary Moody began on February 14. 26 enthusiastic students enrolled and many angels have come out to help everyone along. Mary Moody called the club’s February 16 "Dance Like an Egyptian" night and there were many interesting costumes. Many of our Mainstream students attended for their first club dance experience and had a great time.

Old Man Winter caused cancelation of the March 2 celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. But, have no fear, the dance has been rescheduled for June 15 and will be held at the Hunterdon County facility on Route 12.

Mainstream Graduation took place at the April 6 Olympics-themed night. We are very pleased to welcome our graduates as official Hunterdon Flutterwheels members.

We would like to thank all who have come to dance with us this past year. Whether just visiting or as part of a raid, all are welcome to our dances alternating mainstream and plus. We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month September through May. Located in the center of beautiful rural Hunterdon County, Echo Hill Park is the perfect setting and the Echo Hill Lodge the perfect venue for an outstanding evening of square dancing. The address is 43 Lilac Drive, Flemington, NJ 08822. The park is located just off Route 31 South half way between Clinton and Flemington in Stanton Station, NJ. From Rt. 31 turn onto Stanton Road. Just before the rail road tracks turn right onto Lilac Drive. Go a half mile and the Park entrance will be on your right. Drive up the lane to discover the best square dancing experience yet. Warm friendly people, good food and great dancing. Hope to see you there.