At the time when I first became a Flutterwheels club president, in the fall of 2012, I was working on a project which required compositions in verse. The work was so engrossing that coming up with a rhyme for whatever I thinking about at the moment became an obsession. So, when I sent out the first dance reminder, I included a reiteration of the message in verse form. Thinking it was fun, a puzzle and a challenge, each subsequent communique included a summary in the form of a rhyme. After a while it not only came to feel like a signature format to be maintained but it seemed to motivate people to actually take note of the messages. So, I kept at it and bits of verse crept into other messages beside dance announcements.


Looking back on the collection of verses that were saved, they not only bring to mind the memories of the dances but evoke many of the facets and dimensions of the square dance experience. I hope they will bring back fond memories for some, inspire others to innovate, and be a motivation to all to keep on dancing and inviting others to share in the fun.


Looking forward to seeing you in a square,

Tomás Gonzales



The verses have been sorted into these categories; Dance Announcements, Square Dancing Observations, Promoting Square Dancing and Classes, Flutterwheels Internal Affairs, Regarding N.N.J.S.D.A. and Other Clubs and For Adults Only. The material is arranged in each section from the most recent to the oldest, from top to bottom. 




Dance Announcements




The Longness of Her Highness

For 6/2/17 annual ice cream social dance “God Save the Queen!” 


On this date Queen Liz took the throne,

How three score and four have flown!

It’s a record she’s set,

For the longest reign yet,

Let’s salute her with an ice cream cone!



The Hue that suits You

For 5/19/17 dance “My Favorite Color” 


Tonight we’ll all be revealing,

What color we find most appealing,

Not just one we like wearing,

But one with some bearing,

On giving to us a good feeling.



Celebrating a Victory for Self-respect

For 5/5/17 dance. “Cinco de Mayo”


Each year on the fifth day of May,

Mexico’s descendants display,

A pride in their past, 

And how they holdfast,

To tradition the Mexican way.



It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that Swing)

For 4/21/17 dance. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


From sandlot to major league teams,

Baseball embodies extremes, 

But all those who play,

Each in their way,

Long for the hit of their dreams.



Black and White

For 4/7/17 dance “Black & White” 


It always makes quite a sight,

When all dress in just black and white,

So for effect,

We hope you’ll select,

Colorless clothes for this night.



Thanks, Paul and Stephen Ingis!

Used as the live introduction for last minute substitute callers at 3/31/17 dance.


It’s the busiest time of the year,

When accountants are all in high gear,

But one took time from filing,

To make sure we’d be smiling,

We’re grateful Paul Ingis is here!



Convergence Resurgence

For 3/31/17 special dance, “Reelers & Flutterwheels- Together Again”


Our two clubs want to repeat,

A dance for our members to meet,

So this Friday is when,

We’ll do it again,

For the third time we’re staging this treat.



Wearin’ O’ the Green

For 3/17/17 dance,“Wearin' O' the Green (St. Patrick’s Day)” 


At this dance let everyone don,

The favorite color of the leprechaun,

To celebrate grand,

Ol’ Ireland,

It’s the green we’ll be all puttin’ on.



Rainbow’s End

Change of location notice for 3/17/17 dance, “Wearin' O' the Green (St. Patrick’s Day)” 


Our St. Patty’s Day dance will take place,

Away from our normal home base,

The PeopleCare Center,

Will be where you enter,

To display Irish style and grace.



Real grown-ups play Dress-up

For 3/3/17 dance “Dress-up Night””


It’s sometimes fun to get dressed,

To the nines in your snazzy best,

For our dance this week,

Let’s dress-up real chic,

And see how your style’s expressed.



Gorgeous George

For 2/17/17 dance “Happy Birthday, George and Abe!” 


George Washington was hot to trot,

To a minuet or a gavotte,

Martha sat on the side,

And looked on with pride,

As her George charmed the ladies a lot!



He Saved the Union

For 2/17/17 dance “Happy Birthday, George and Abe!” 


Abe, to Mary Todd, once did say,

“I want to dance with you in the worst way,”

And she didn’t kid,

When she said, “He sure did!”

Nevertheless they were wed anyway.



Soup encounter Group

For 2/3/17 dance “Souper Bowl IV” 


We don’t know anyone who,

Doesn’t love a soup or a stew,

So make it your goal,

To refill your bowl,

And sample all we’ll have for you!



Chocolate again? Yes!!!

For 1/20/17 dance “Chocolate!” 


Chocolate is one sweet treat,

Who’s appeal we find hard to beat,

So in our schemes,

To come up with themes,

It’s one that we yearly repeat.



Who Knew or had a Clue?

For 1/6/17 dance “Whodunit?” (Sherlock Holmes’ birthday)


If you’re a Sherlockian geek,

You’ll know that his birthday’s this week,

But does being born,

As a Capricorn,

Add anything to his mystique?






Yule Know Well it’s Noel

For 12/16/16 “Ho-Ho-Holiday Dance”


When everywhere you hear bells jingle,

And wherever you look there’s Kris Kringle,

It’s the time of the year,

That we share good cheer, 

When we celebrate, square dance and mingle.



Oven Love-in

For FW 12/2/16 dance “The Bake-off is On!”


Are you someone who has a stake in,

Being known for your excellent bakin’?

At this dance you’ll gain fame,

Renown and acclaim,

Unless, once again, I’m mistaken.



Categorical Dogma

For 11/18/16 dance “Cats & Dogs”


Innumerable people opine,

That Man’s greatest friend is canine,

But many think that,

They’d prefer a cat,

So, in which camp do you fall in line?



M*A*S*H Bash

For FW 11/4/16 dance “M*A*S*H-Up”


This Friday’s dance will be a,

Celebration of vets of Korea,

And though we know,

It was no TV show,

We’ll be looking for fun and to see ya.



Apple Appeal

For FW 10/21/16 dance “Apple Festival”


Recipe books are replete,

With ways to make apples a treat,

Their praise is deserved,

However they’re served,

Even fresh-from-the-tree tart or sweet.



On your Marx, Get set, Go!

For 10/7/16 dance, “Groucho & Co.”


Groucho’s glasses, mustache and cigar,

Were trademarks of this comic star,

But his rapier wit,

That never would quit,

Was his outstanding feature by far.



We’ve Got You(r) Back!

For 9/16/16 dance, “Dosado: Back-to-back beginnings”


If you're someone who has been yearning,

For dancing, swinging and turning,

Along with your friends,

You’ll be glad summer ends,

With regular dances returning.



Adjust we Must

Notice of Fee change for 2016-2017 dance season.


The greatest accounting offense is,

To be unable to pay your expenses,

So, that we will raise,

What each dancer pays, 

Was decided by common consensus.



Apropos Joe Combo

Salute to Joe Landi, caller for 6/3/16 dance, "Ice Cream Meltdown."


Our club’s modus operandi,

To make our last dance a dandy,

Is to feature ice cream,

And get on our team,

A caller as fun as Joe Landi.



A Beat-the-heat Treat

For 6/3/16 dance,"Ice Cream Meltdown."


At this dance, our club's always betting,

That we'll all be red-faced and sweating,

So to keep cool,

We make ice cream a tool,

For offsetting how hot summer's getting.



For the Mainstream Class of 2016

For 5/20/16 "Graduation Dance." 


Now that you've learned every call,

And know square dance protocol,

Be sure that you use it,

So you don't lose it,

Get out and go have a ball !



Square in the Air

Salute to Wes Thielke, caller for 5/6/16 dance, "Pick-a-limerick."


Wes Thielke has the desire,

To raise dancers' spirits up higher,

No caller we've found,

Gets a dance off the ground,

Like Wes who's a pilot and flyer. 



Feeling Limerickety? 

For 5/6/16 dance, "Pick-a-limerick"


Pull a limerick out of your head,

Or pick someone else's instead,

All you will need,

Is five lines to read,

It's for fun so there's nothing to dread!



Wayne's Fruit

Salute to Wayne Applegate, caller for 4/29/16 special dance, “Reelers & Flutterwheels: Together Again!”

This dance was Wayne’s retirement swan song.


Both Adam and Newton could state,

That an apple played a role in their fate,

And many dancers could say,

That they found their way,

To square dancing through an Applegate!



Here on Earth Day 

For 4/22/16 HCDP&R event: Earth Day Barn Dance


The gift we are given at birth,

Is the time we have here on Earth,

So while we're around,

With our feet on the ground,

Let's dance for all that we're worth!



A Sure Thing 

For 4/15/16 (Income Tax Filling Day) dance, "Birth, Death, Taxes… and Dancing!"


Birth, death and taxes are three,

Things on which we agree,

Make life's must-do list,

But don't we insist,

That square dancing's where we'd rather be?



Older and Wiser? 

For 4/1/16 (April Fools Day) dance, "Dancing Fools"


They say to get old means accrual,

Of wisdom you don't get in school,

But to forestall your demise, 

You need exercise,

So it's wise to be a dancing fool.



Two New to Do

Announcement of additional April 2016 Dances 


We Flutterwheels are upping our score,

By scheduling two dances more,

One's on Earth Day,

And the other's away,

At a place where we've not danced before!



Home or Rome?

Publicity for 3/18/16 dance, "Toga Party!"


Why stay at home and be bored, 

When you can be with a wild, dancing horde?

Get away from your home in,

A wrap that looks Roman,

And a dangle will be one reward.



Roamin' Robes?

Salute to Howard Richman, caller for 3/18/16 dance "Toga Party!" 


Howard Richman's calls are replete, 

With moves that are fast and fleet,

So at this affair,

You'd better beware,

And be sure to hang onto your sheet.



Change of Venue

for Flutterwheels'  March 18th Toga Party

Announcement of different location (PeopleCare Center) for 3/18/16 "Toga Party" 


We want you to know that we'll meet,

Far from our regular beat,

And while far from home,

The theme is "Old Rome",

So, please come wearing a sheet!



Toga! Toga! Toga! 

For 3/18/16 dance, "Toga Party!"


Because togas are fun and besides,

Caesar's end came on March's Ides,

Roman dress we'll be wearing,

Maybe plain, maybe daring,

For what it reveals or it hides!




For 3/4/16 dance, "Chocolate!."


It's a taste some don't merely favor,

Chocolate's the thing that they crave for,

And it's that appetite,

We'll all share tonight,

As we savor chocolate's great flavor.  



It Takes Two 

For 2/19/16 dance, "Square Dancing is for Lovers"


Some think if you're old, grey and ashen,

You're long past romance and passion,

But we say, "There's no chance,

That together with dance,

Love ever goes out of fashion."



Recoup with Soup 

For 2/5/16 dance, "Souper Bowl III" 


No matter how you've been made ill,

There's a cure that comes in a ladle,

It's soup that assuages,

And is good for all ages,

From old timers to those in the cradle.




For 1/15/16 dance, "Everything Old is New Again"


Is there something you've had quite a while,

Which once was in fashion and style?

Well, let's give it one,

More day in the sun,

For Auld Lang Syne and a smile.






Season's Meetings 

For 12/18/15 Ho-ho-ho Holiday Dance.


In this season of waning daylight,

Traditions keep our spirits bright,

And to combat the dearth,

Of peace on Earth,

Our holiday dance is just right.



Put a Lid on It 

For 12/4/15 dance, "Wacky Hat Night"

Tonight we all will be wearing,

Headwear that's wacky or daring,

Or come up with instead,

Something else for your head,

So no one their crown will be baring.



With Regards to Broadway

For 11/20/15 dance, "Give My Regards to Broadway"


Tonight we'll be stealing a page,

From the annals of life on the stage,

Let's explore what's attracting,

About theater and acting,

And act anything but our age.



Oh My Oh My Pie! 

For 11/6/15 dance, "Pie Night"


Tonight as we dance and cavort,

We'll be thinking of "pie" of some sort,

So bring in the kind,

That you'd have in mind,

A pie, maybe tarts, or a torte?



Fall Ball 

For 10/16/15 dance, "Square Crows & Bumpkins"


The heat of the summer has past,

How much longer will warm weather last?

We're inviting you all,

To celebrate fall,

So come out and let's have a blast!



Come and Get it On! 

For 10/2/15 dance, "T is for Texas"


This day is a memorable date,

For Texas, the great Lone Star State,

So, if you've longed to get dressed,

Like the old days out West,

Make tonight the end of your wait.



We Didn't See It Coming

Salute to caller Mary Moody for filling the void created by caller Ed Kern's sudden cancellation

Recited "live" at 9/18/15 dance.


Who needs some god mother fairy,

To protect the blind and unwary?

When we're in trouble, 

Who comes on the double?

Thank goodness we've got our own Mary.



Garden Statement 

For 9/18/15 dance, "The Garden State"


Jersey's reputation is glowing,

For what Garden Staters are growing,

So bring something to eat,

A bouquet or some treat,

That'll give "Jersey Fresh" a grand showing.



Have a Bawl or Have a Ball? 

Salute to Paul Ingis, substitute caller for 6/5/15 dance


If you were there, you will remember,

Our "Disney Whirled Dance" last November,

Well that caller Paul,

We've had to re-call,

Which will please every guest and each member.



The Mountains' Tops

For 6/5/15 “Dogpatch/Ice Cream Social” dance


Some hillbillies might like their moonshine,

But most mountaineers will opine,

That the king of the hill,

For refreshment is still,

Ice cream, which folks like just fine.



Dancing in Dogpatch

For 6/5/15 dance, “Li’l Abner’s Dogpatch”


Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae,

Are a legend if not a cliché,

Al Capp was just silly,

When he'd draw a hillbilly,

So let's dress-up and all act that way.



Reelers and 'Wheelers

For 5/29/15 special  dance, “Reelers & Flutterwheels: Together at Last!”


We all agree that it's great,

That at long last we've got a date,

When both the Reelers,

And Flutterwheelers,

Will together jointly gyrate!



Congratulations Class of 2015

For 5/15/15 dance, “Mainstream Class (taught by Ed Kerns) Graduation”


Did you doubt you could store in your head,

All the moves and the rules taught by Ed?

Well, the angels are grinning,

Knowing you're just beginning,

And what fun for you now lies ahead.



Derby Dance

For 5/1/15 dance, “Derby Day”


For all the pomp and display,

We've decided to hold a race day,

And the one that we chose is,

"The Run for the Roses,"

Which is always at the start of May.



We don't just hope there will be dancing; we Planet.

Announcement for Flutterwheels hosting of 4/17/15 Earth Day event


The County has planned an array,

Of events surrounding Earth Day,

Since on Earth anywhere,

You'll find dancing there,

Our club has a big part to play.



Irregularity Happens

Notification of irregular schedule 


There's something that we have to say,

I regret if it's cause for dismay;

Be aware in advance,

There's no open dance,

At Flutterwheels until we hit May.



Pot Luck Dance Tonight Canceled

Notice dance cancelation due to foul weather 3/20/15


I think that I've been in denial,

That we'd face one more snowy trial,

So say I'm a dope,

But against all hope,

We're putting off dancing awhile.



We Will See What Will Be

Notice of possible cancellation of 3/20/15 “Pot Luck Dinner Dance”


All the weather reports for Friday,

Indicate snow is coming our way,

So, if what we've planned,

Has to get canned,

A five o'clock Email will say.



Pot Luck Dinner

Announcement of alternate location (at the County Complex) for 3/20/15 dance, “Pot Luck Dinner”  


At a new place that has extra seating,

We're having a special meeting,

A pot-luck affair,

When together we'll share,

The fun of both dancing and eating.



March Madness Tea Party

For 3/6/15 dance, “The Mad Hatter & March Hare's Tea Party”


Teatime was a crazy affair,

When served by the Hatter and Hare,

Tonight we have planned, 

Our own Wonderland,

You're invited. So, see you there!



Wow a Luau!

For 2/20/15 dance, “Hawaiian Luau”


Tell all your friends that you know a,

Square dance hot as Mauna Loa,

Where they wear grass skirts,

Hawaiian shirts,

And  welcome their guests with, "Aloha!"



Souper Bowl II

For 2/6/15 dance, “Souper Bowl II”


When it's cold and you want something hot,

There's nothing like soup from the pot,

And warm-hearted cheer,

Is also served here,

So come and enjoy all we've got. 



Baby Picture

For 1/16/15 dance, “Baby, It's Cold Outside- Bring your baby picture”


Do you have somewhere deeply filed,

A picture of you as a child,

When asked pretty please,

To just say "cheese,"

And taken the moment you smiled? 



Pajama Party

For 1/12/15 dance, “Pajama Party- Let's dance in our sleep!”


Let's get dressed like we're ready for bed,

And then go square dancing instead,

But to avoid traumas,

Be sure your pajamas,

Aren't like those who are newly wed.






Tis the Season

For 12/19/14 dance, “Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!”


In this season of cold, dark, long nights,

Many celebrate by lighting lights,

Wishing for peace on earth,

We share holiday mirth,

With square dancing and other delights.



Black & White

For 12/5/14 dance, “Black and White Night”


Tonight we'd like to invite, 

All dancers to make quite a sight,

No colors we'll wear,

And everyone there,

Will be dressed up in just black and white.



Fan Dancer

For11/21/14 dance ,”Team Spirit- Wear your colors"


Is there a team, school or sport, 

That has your undying support?

Well, at this dance,

Now is your chance,

To in your team's colors cavort!



Applefest Quest

For 11/7/14 dance, ”Apple Festival"


Apples are not simply delicious, 

They're made into all kinds of dishes, 

Let's attempt to explore,

Some we've not tried before,

And not insist that they must be nutritious.



Disney Whirled

For 10/3/14 dance, "All Things Disney"


The theme for this dance that we've slated, 

Is the world Walt Disney created,

And this Friday will bring us,

The caller Paul Ingis,

So come dance and you'll feel elated!



Back to It

Fo 9/17/14 dance, “Back-to-School Night- Book Swap”


With a touch of fall in the air.

It's time to get back in a square,

And like kids back in school,

Playing hooky's not cool,

No excuse notes; we just want you there!



Can't Top This!

For 6/6/14 dance, "Ice Cream Social" 


Our last dance would not be complete,

Without having ice cream to eat,

Which you can embellish,

With the topping you relish,

Come share what's your favorite treat!



To the Mainstream Class of 2014

For 5/16/14 “Graduation Dance”


It's a wonder how anyone learns,

All these maneuvers, swings and arm turns, 

But you found a way,

And deserve a "HOORAY!"

Along with your teacher Ed Kerns.



Not a Lead Up to a Great Depression... Again!

Salute to Howard Richman, caller for 5/2/14 dance, ”Roaring Twenties" 


The guys could wear spats and look dapper,

The girls could all dress like a flapper,

But please feel empowered,

To come just for Howard,

It's the dancing that counts not the wrapper.



The Roaring Twenties

For 5/2/14 dance, “Roaring Twenties"  


What made those "Twenties" roar?

Changes like never before!

New fashion pizzaz,

Rum running and jazz,

Let's play it out on the dance floor.




Salute to Dan Koft, caller for 4/4/14 dance, “April Foolery”


We're sure that your feet will be springing,

While you and your partner are swinging,

With spirits aloft,

Thanks to caller Dan Koft,

(Not to mention his great way of singing.) 



April Fools

For 4/4/14 dance, “April Foolery”


This is the day that the cranks,

Get away with all sorts of pranks,

Be ready for jokes,

Or some sort of hoax,

It's just once a year... so give thanks.



The Meaning of Greening

For  3/21/14 dance, “St. Patrick’s Day- Be your favorite leprechaun”


On this first, full day of spring,

We're having our St. Patrick's fling,

For either reason,

Dress for the season,

Wear green when you go out dancing.



Square Dancers: The Whirled Around

For 3/7/14 dance, "International Day"


Come join in this celebration,

Of square dancers from every nation,

Wear some native dress,

Or choose to express,

A country with a food presentation.



That Swing Thing

For 2/21/14 dance “Valentine's Day” 


While square dancing one wonderful thing,Is when you are called on to "swing,"

All the world turns a blur,

But for just Him or Her,

And you feel the joy dancing can bring.



Renewing Wooing

For  2/21/14 dance, “Valentine's Day”


If your lover gets tired and pants,

When you're trying to make some romance,

You may surmise,

They've lacked exercise,

And need to get out more and dance.



Glow with the Flow

Salute to Mary Moody, caller for 2/7/14 dance, “Glow Stick Night- Let’s light up the dance”


Tonight we thought we'd embark,

On some playful, light-hearted lark,

But leave it to Mary,

To do something scary,

She says that we'll dance in the dark!



Souper Nourishing

For 1/17/14 dance, “Soup Night- Bring your homemade soup” (Souper Bowl I)


Need I explain why we praise and extol,

That fabulous food in the bowl?

Even a nincompoop,

Knows that it's soup,

Feeds a body like dance does the soul. 



Snow Woe

Notice of cancellation of "Chocolate Night" Dance 1/3/14


If you've been wondering whether,

Tonight's dance will be called due to weather,

I regret to say,

There's no dance today,

But in two weeks we'll all get together.



Chocolate Delight

For 1/3/14 dance, "Chocolate Night"


Tonight, chocolate will be the norm,

As refreshment in any form,

For what can beat,

This classic treat,

Served frozen, hot, cold, or warm?



Harry's Holiday Tradition

For 12/20/13 ”Harry’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Dance”


While dancing, you'd never quite know,

When Harry would yell,"Ho-Ho-Ho!"

Then partners would scurry,

Quick in a hurry,

And off to a new square they'd go!



Call  Paul

Salute to Paul Ingis, caller for 12/6/13 dance,”Pie Night “ 


Tonight's caller is just the right guy,

For this night when we honor pie,

As the symbol for,

Three point one four,

Are his very initials; P. I.



Come Try Pie

For 12/6/13 dance, "Pie Night"


Four and twenty blackbirds baked you know where...

Have you a special recipe for a pie you'll share?

For fun there'll be a contest,

To see which most like best,

So bring a pie, a gal, or guy, but be sure you are there!



Food Bank Donations Needed

For 11/15/13 dance, “Let’s Share with Others-Food for the Food Bank"


Moved by kindness and your caring,

We hope that you'll come bearing, 

Food that will feed,

Others in need,

And happy you're blessed to be sharing.



Thanks to the Vets

For 11/1/13  dance, ”Thank the Vets“


Lest anyone ever forget,

To whom we're forever in debt,

We honor the service,

Of those who preserve us,

Who proudly can say, "I'm a vet."



Viva el Baile! (Long Live the Dance!)

For 10/4/13 dance, “Fiesta!- South of the border dress and food” 


Come party the Mexican way,

With a spicy refreshment buffet,

Don't take a siesta,

And miss this fiesta,

Let's dance as we all shout, "Olé!"




For 9/20/13  "Welcome Back Dance" 


A word to each friend and member,

Take note of this date to remember,

There'll be dancing a'plenty,

On day number twenty,

The third Friday's our dance in September.



Ice Cream Social

For 6/7/13 dance, "Ice Cream Social" 


This dance is the season's last grouping,

Before summer's heat has us drooping,

And though there's a chance,

You might wish to dance,

The real action will be ice cream scooping!



To the Class of '13

For the 5/17/13 Mainstream Class “Graduation Dance” 


The lessons have had fluctuations,

From frolicking fun to frustrations,

It's been quite a ride,

So please take pride,

In accepting our congratulations!



Fifties Dance

3 points of view for the 5/3/13 dance,”Fifties Night” 


Let's all go back to a time,

When Elvis was starting his climb,

To see if nostalgia,

Eases neuralgia,

And we feel once again in our prime.


Tonight let's dress like we were,

James Dean or Deborah Kerr,

Like actors in "Grease,"

In a period piece,

We'll make the fifties recur.


The fifties you may not recall,

A time long before you could crawl,

In spite of this fact,

Have fun and play act,

'Cause that's all that matters at all.



Gaudy Shirt Night

For the 4/19/13 dance, “Gaudy Shirt Night”


The clothing that makes some folks smile,

To others is tasteless and vile,

But come wearing a shirt,

That makes your eyes hurt,

'Cause tonight what's gaudy's in style.



Irish? I Wish

For 3/15/13 “St. Patrick's Day Dance”


As if by some leprechaun's guile,

We'll all become Irish awhile,

And under this spell,

The dance hall as well,

Will turn into the Emerald Isle.



Who Instead of Ed?

Salute to caller Joe Kwiatek. Delivered live at 3/15/13 dance to introduce Joe K. who substituted when Ed Kerns suddenly cancelled


Ed said he was sick and laid low,

Was our dance to be a "no go"?

But we didn't fret,

There was some hope yet,

Thanks to Joe, It's on with the show!!



Use Your Head

For 3/1/13 dance, ”Crazy Hat Night” 


Get out your Stetson or bonnet,

So at our next dance you can don it,

Or just adorn,

Where a hat's often worn,

Use your head to put something on it! 



"Roses are Red..."

For 2/15/13 "Valentine's Day Dance”


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you can't find your partner,

Your corner will do.


Violets are blue,

Red is for roses,

Pilot your shoes,

So you don't tread on toeses.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'm stuck on dancing,

And you are the glue.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

We hope you'll swing by,

And then swing through too.


Roses are red,   

Violets are blue,

One is embarrassed,

And one's without you.


Roses are red,

Violets: turquoise,

A leading lady,

Is one of the boys.


On a personal note:


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

To look good for the dance,

I don't need no shampoo.



Cupid's Not Stupid

For 2/15/13 dance, "Valentine's Day- Identify famous lovers“ 


In time a person discovers,

Not all passion is under the covers,

And the naked truth,

It's not just for youth,

And square dancing is perfect for lovers.



Who's (in) Your Corner?

For 2/1/13 dance, "Who's Your Partner- It’s a surprise!“  (called by Howard Richman )


A certain caller very often devises,

Crafty calls which result in surprises,

But don't be a coward,

To square off with Howard,

Is to win one of dancing's grand prizes! 



Cocoa Loco

For 1/18/13 dance, “Chocolate- For the Chocoholics"


Refreshments sure hit the spot,

When you've been dancing a lot,

So we plan to enhance,

Our very next dance,

With all manner of treats chocolat.



Jean Dance Scene

For 1/4/13 dance, "Forever in Blue Jeans" 


Denim fabric is quite versatile, 

Tight jeans today are the style,

But what good are pants,

If not fit to dance?

Some wiggle room's always worthwhile.






Let's Go, Even Though, There is Snow

( To be sung to the tune of "Let it Snow")

For the 12/21/12 “Harry’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Dance “


Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But dancing's so delightful,

It sets my heart all aglow,

Let's go, even though, there is snow.


Oh I'm worn out, tired of shopping,

Of all the cleaning, prepping, mopping,

Dance picks me up when I'm low,

Let's go, even though, there is snow.


When I get to the dance tonight,

Having braved the cold, ice and storm,

I know how I'll greet the sight,

Of friends who are caring and warm.


Holidays at times are trying,

But when you dance there's no denying,

There is joy in a world full of woe,

So please go, even though, there is snow.



Pie Squared 

For 12/7/12 dance , "Pie Night" 


Simple Simon met a pieman,

And gave his goods a glance,

Says Simon to the pieman, 

"Could I taste, perchance?" 

The pieman then asks Simon,

"Are you a Flutterwheel?"

Simple Simon says that he is not,

The pieman says, "No deal."

Says Simple Simon to the pieman,

"Don't I have a chance?"

The pieman says "Sorry no,

They're refreshments for a dance."

And as they were thus walking,

Echo Hill came into view,

"That's where I'm bound," Simon says, 

The pieman says, "Me too!"

Simple Simon to the pieman says, 

As they entered at the door,

"Bless my eyes what a surprise!

Here are pies galore!"

Says the pieman to Simple Simon,

"They're only for the dancers," 

Then Simon with a teary eye,

Answers as he's bawling ,

"Oh woe is me, I'm just the guy,

Who's here to do the calling!"



Food for Thought 

For 11/16/12 dance, “Let’s Share with Others- Food for the Food Bank” 


As we dance together, in a joyful, happy mood, 

Let's take a moment from our pleasure,

For those in need of food,  

Contribute to the food banks,

And this may be your thanks:

To know that in some measure,

You helped hope to be renewed.



Suit Yourself 

For 10/19/12 dance, "Halloween- Costumes and masks“ 


At our Halloween dance,

You'll have the chance,

To do something shocking and daring, 

And when we all promenade

At this grand masquerade

We'll see what each was preparing,

Now just speaking for me,

I hope I won't see, 

People dumbfounded and staring,

When some say D-B-D,

Affirms their decree,

"These are birthday suits we are wearing!" 



Itsy-bitsy Ritzy 

For 10/5/12 dance, ”Black & White- Putting on the Ritz“ 


Dressing up is fun once in a while, 

So let's bring Black & White back in style,

It's no black tie affair,

So whatever you wear,

We hope you're there wearing your smile.



Hot to Dance 

For 9/21/12 opening dance of the season, “Welcome Back- Let’s start dancing”


The summer heat was at times tough to bear,

But Fall's come bringing nights cool and fair,

So you'll find it "No Sweat,"

If some calls you forget,

'Cuz your friends want you there in their square! 




Square Dancing Observations


When Things Go Wrong to a Song

Interpretation of caller Ed Kern’s advice for repairing a square during a singing call 5/21/16


When the caller is singing a song,

And your square has gone hopelessly wrong,

Square up and get set,

For a call that will let,

You get right back to dancing along.



During a Patter when Something’s the Matter

Interpretation of caller Ed Kern’s advice for repairing a square 5/21/16.


When you break down and all goes amiss,

To repair your stopped square just do this,

Race back to your place,

Then form lines that face,

And you’ll find that that there’s not much you’ll miss.



Don't Let Sex Perplex

To promote Dance-By-Definition 1/12/16


If you have the drive and ambition,

To learn dancing by definition,

It doesn't matter, you know,

If you're belle or you're beau,

What matters is just your position.



DBD: The Gender Suspender

To promote Dance-By-Definition 1/12/16


Here's a tip (that I hope I don't botch),

How to raise your game up a notch,

Forget who "wears the pants,"

Keep your mind on the dance,

And what you do with your feet not your crotch!



Easy as A-B-C

Inspired by Terry Trotta 1/14/14


For fun, square dancing is A-1,

A good dancer- most people can B-1,

But to advance,

In this form of dance,

You've got grab a class when you C-1.



That Swing Thing

For Valentine's Day Dance


While square dancing one wonderful thing,

Is when you are called on to "swing,"

All the world turns a blur,

But for just Him or Her,

And you feel the joy dancing can bring.



Please Don't Decry It Till You Try It

Shared with Lise Greene 1/14.


On square dancing some folks look askance,

Though they've yet to give it a chance,

It may not be bias,

For how they eye us,

Just that they never learned they could dance.



Square Wear

Submitted to Grand Square  11/13.


Some folks feel they have to be dressed,

As if they're in the Old West,

But in this day and age,

The true style gauge,

Is to wear what for you feels the best.



D-B-D for Me (A personal testimony and true story) 

Composed at the NNJSDA Mini-fest: inspired by wife Leala's quip 


Advanced dancing had the power of scaring,

But now I'm relaxed and uncaring,

Since my wife told me,

That D - B - D,

Was meant for the Dumb, Bald and Daring!




Promoting Square Dancing and Classes 


No Off Season

To promote summer dancing 2017


For the experienced and the newcomer,

To go without dancing’s a bummer,

So, assume the mindset,

That each chance you get,

You’ll go square dancing this summer.



Please with Expertise

Promoting our 2017 Plus Class


When square dancing, you’re part of a team,

So, doing your best is supreme,

Don’t be the weak link,

I’d be nice don’t you think?

To improve and have your friends’ esteem.



A+ Class

Promoting our 2017  Plus Class


“Good” is just not good enough,

Do you really think you’re up to snuff? 

Improve your Plus

Come practice with us,

It’s more fun when you do know your stuff.



A Plus for Us

Announcement for Mary Moody’s Plus Class


The Flutterwheels will offer the chance,

To up your skills and advance,

So if you dream,

Of what’s after mainstream,

Come join our class: Plus Square Dance.



For the Mainstream Class of 2017

For 2017 Flutterwheels Mainstream Graduates 


Graduates, it’s now up to you,

To show the world what you can do,

Not just by finding new ways,

To make use of Tuesdays,

But by dancing each chance you get too!



To Court your Support

An appeal for Angels to assist Mainstream Class instructor 2016


Square dancers aren’t born they’re made,

It’s no cakewalk or promenade,

To master the skill,

It takes time and will,

And an angel to come to their aid.



Seasoned Dancers

For 8/24/16 NNJSDA dance announcement.


If you're a square dance newcomer,

Feeling out of step is a bummer,

But it's no big deal,

To improve how you feel,

When you've been dancing over the summer.



Don’t Deny Your Chance to Try

Announcement for Open House 2/11/16


Square dancing is something to do,

That’s fun and healthy for you,

Even if you can’t dance,

If you give it a chance,

You might get a new point of view.



Leading Ladies

Promotion for enrollment in 2015 Mainstream Class


If you're a lady who just can't abide,

To be sitting out tips on the side,

Come get what you need,

And learn how to lead,

And ensure that you'll be satisfied!



No Risk Means: Not Dicey, Icy or Pricy

First class is like a free open house 2/9/15


Tell your friends it would be a crime,

If they missed this mighty fine time,

And chance to explore,

Fun on a dance floor,

When it won't even cost them a dime!!



Without Bias Try Us

Announcing Open House 2/9/14


If on dancing you've looked askance,

Just this once why not give it a chance?

Forget your past bias,

Please don't deny us,

The fun that we'll share when we dance.



Get It Out

Announcing Open House 2/9/14


No person should be denied,

The chance to release what's inside,

For your inner dancer,

We have the answer,

A barn dance and arms opened wide.



Step Forward

Announcing Open House 2/9/14


If you think you've got two left feet,

And that dancing will lead to defeat,

You'll be delighted,

You're not so benighted,

Square dancing will be a nice treat!



Two New Yous

Announcing Open House 2/9/14


If you're looking for something to do,

Something new, fun and healthy for you,

Now is the chance,

To get out and dance,

And bring someone else along too!



Snowbound and Ice-o-lated

Dance confirmation 2/6/14 sent in the face of recent foul weather cancellations


If you've come to the end of your tether,

Frustrated by winter's foul weather,

Dance is a reliever,

For severe cabin fever,

So let's get out and square dance together.



Mangled Pride

Incentive to attend a”dangle dance"


To get you to come must I wangle,

Bribe or connive; work some angle?

If that be the game,

I've got no shame...

If you show up you'll get a dangle!




Flutterwheels Internal Affairs


“Extra Friday” Event (9/29) Cancelled

Cancellation of special contra dance/picnic 


To everyone let it be known,

The decision’s been made to postpone,

Having the contra dance,

So now you’ve the chance,

To do something else on your own.



To Remind My Kind (forgetful ones)

7/24/17 picnic reminder prompted by yours truly having to be reminded by Mark Kubinak that the picnic was the upcoming weekend! 


Lest your days be filled with regret,

Here’s a reminder not to forget,

This coming weekend,

You’ve planned to spend, 

With your friends at the best picnic yet!



Excuse to Let Loose

Invitation to annual club picnic and summer dancing.


We hope you’re impelled to squeeze in,

Square dancing in our “off season”, 

One summer incentive,

May not be real inventive,

But our picnic’s one mighty good reason!



Thanks to You

Retirement message sent out after 5/5/17 dance. 


Being President sure has been fun,

And I’d like to thank everyone,

For each doing their part,

So, I know in my heart,

That the good times have only begun!



No mas Tomás

Retirement message sent out after 5/5/17 dance. 


The president-to-be, one suspects is,

A tall, handsome fellow from Texas,

But there is no doubt,

The bald guy is out,

And will be last in a long line of Exes.



Nominees Please

Announcement of the Nominating Committee’s call for candidates.


We’re making-up a selection,

Of candidates for our election,

So consider a slate,

You think would be great,

And act on your predilection.



3/15 Belles & Beaux Raid Cancelled

For cancellation due to blizzard conditions


This alert is so everyone knows,

That our raid on the Belles & Beaux,

Has been canceled because,

Only Old Santa Claus,

Can ignore when a winter storm blows.



Tonight’s Mainstream Class Canceled

For 3/14/17 blizzard cancellation


Just in case there’s someone obsessin’,

Questioning, wondering, guessin’,

If this winter whiteout,

Will quash their night out…

Tonight there’ll be no mainstream lesson.



Exec. Board Meeting is Really Feb. 3rd

Errata January 2017


I ask that I be excused,

For being a little confused,

As I set things straight,

By correcting the date,

I hope you’re not irked just amused.



Mea Culpa

Included in correction notice for 2/3/17 dance, “Souper Bowl IV” 


Sorry for my mix-up and blunder,

Those who know me will say, ”It’s no wonder,”

But I say to you,

“The one mistake you could do,

Would be to miss this dance, By thunder!”



Stock Performers Wanted

Appeal for culinary contributors to our 2/3/17 “Souper Bowl IV” 


We’re looking to form a troupe,

Of cooks who like to make soup,

Who as before,

For Souper Bowl IV,

Will serve-up a show for our group!



What the Raid Parade Displayed

Reaction to Ken Robinson video of FW raid parade at Rutgers Promenaders 7/17/16.


It’s clear when you see us parading,

Our spirit of fun’s all pervading,

Merrymaking appeals,

To the Flutterwheels,

And we share it when we go out raiding!



Body Politic Picnic

For notice of Flutterwheels’ 7/30/16 Picnic/Meeting


At the Flutterwheels picnic this day,

It won’t be all work or all play,

Meeting time we’re devoting,

For membership voting,

Then the party resumes right away!



Reorganization Creation

Celebrating the end of the by-laws revision process


Any doubters with loud guffaws,

Are now dumbstruck with gaping jaws,

Because at long last,

We’ve written and passed,

A new set of our club’s bylaws!



If Not You… Who?

For recruitment of club functionaries 7/7/16.


We need your help on our mission,

To ensure our club’s good condition,

All that we ask,

Is you take on a task,

Or offer to fill a position.



Niche Knack

For recruitment of club functionaries


Have you a knack or a skill,

That to have other people would kill?

Well, we’ll let you live,

As long as you give,

Your help of your own free will.



Progression Session

For FW Officer’s meeting announcement 5/16/16


To avoid,”You should have guessed,

What for our club would have been best,” 

It’s part of our plan,

To whenever we can, 

To ask, “What is it that you would suggest?”



Four “Eens” Convene on the Scene

Recognition for a special square at the Pick-a-Limerick Dance 5/6/16.


A square with Eileen and Doreen,

Had also Colleen and Noreen,

Each with a name,

That ended the same,

Made a square that before we’ve not seen.



Characterization Summation

(5/5/16) Joanna calls TG gregarious in an Email.


It’s nice that you say I’m gregarious,

While others say that I’m nefarious,

But most folks agree,

When they describe me,

I’m rambunctious and sometimes hilarious.



The Bus for Us

Notice to sign-up for shuttle bus to special dance,“Reelers & Flutterwheels: Together Again!” (4/29/16)


A free dance and ride is a treat,

Which it wouldn’t be easy to beat,

And you still could be one,

To share in the fun,

If you call now to reserve your seat.



No Fare to Get There

Notice to sign-up for shuttle to Reelers Dance (4/29/16)


Our motto is “Reelers or Bust!”

But wouldn’t you really just,

Like not to drive far,

Alone in your car,

And have fun with friends while you’re bussed?



You Don't have to be Jewish to Love… Dancing

For Harry Rapkin 2/20/15 re: request to advertise folk dance event at FW’s "Hawaiian Luau"


With pleasure, indeed quite gayly,

I'll pass the word about dancing Israeli,

But my only chance,

Will be tonight's dance,

While we're dancing to the ukulele.



Number One for Fun

Thanks to members for participation and support 2/7/15


I don't think that it's just boasting,

To say our club's great at hosting,

I want to thank everyone,

For all that you've done,

So that's why you're getting this posting.



Home Position

For former FW presidents Fred and Peg Bailey (and the other snowbirds) 1/11/15


I can imagine just how you feel,

Yes, Florida has it's appeal,

But no matter how far,

From New Jersey you are,

At heart you're still a Flutterwheel.



Calling all Cauldrons

Call for chefs for Souper Bowl III (2016)


We're hoping that you'll add a pot,

To the line-up of soups that we've got,

We sure could use,

A few more to choose,

So, beforehand we'll say, "Thanks a lot!"



Programmatic & Problematic

Putting together the Flutterwheels' dance schedule 3/5/14


I'm not a hard core fanatic,

Who insists each dance be thematic,

It's just my intention,

To devise some invention,

Which will keep them from being too static.



Your Chance to Enhance

2/11/14 request of members for dance theme suggestions


We're planning dance dates for next year,

So, from you we'd like to hear,

What is your dream,

For some special theme,

That will add to the fun and the cheer?



Back by Popular Demand

Chocolate Night demanded. (Sent out with 2/7/14 dance notice)


"Chocolate Night" we had to forgo,

Because of the cold and the snow,

For those this upset,

The event's been reset,

So tonight chocolate's part of the show!



Surreptitious and Delicious

Response to Verne “Mac” MacDonald’s, "I'd rather have chocolate than soup" 1/14/14


It's your prerogative, Mac,

To bring in your choice of snack,

But if it's something cocoa,

Let's you and I go,

Off together and eat it out back.



Tough Call (Dance Cancellation)

Cancellation of "Chocolate Night" Dance. Response to Carl and Jayne Koch 1/3/14


The weight of decision making,

Can be troubling and down right heart-breaking,

Whatever you choose,

You're bound to get boos,

And no dance meant no chance for Jayne's baking.



Worth the Trip

Invitation to visit Flutterwheels at the Lodge at Echo Hill 9/27/13 


Where else can you get such a deal?

You can dance like a Flutterwheel,

The price is real good,

The floor's made of wood,

The log cabin has charm and appeal! 



To Joanna

For Flutterwheels secretary Joanna Lieuallen 9/23/13


Your help and support is unfailing,

In all ways, not just E-mail mailing,

Please don't you worry,

'Bout pressure to hurry,

Or that I'll be ranting and railing.



Farewell, Anne and Joe

To Joe Romelczyck and Anne Kriegl on moving to Virginia 5/7/13


To our dear friends, Anne and Joe,

We wish you well, but are sad you must go,

And in our opinion,

The "Old Dominion,"

Will be blessed far more than they'll know.



Traditional Picnic

In response to being informed that the club picnic is traditionally held on the Saturday of the last weekend in July 4/26/13 


Upon my own volition,

I dare not break a tradition,

When I've done worse,

To make people curse,

I've often got sent to perdition. 



For Peg and Fred Bailey 

Good-bye Card for Baileys (FW past presidents) upon their departure to Florida


Of Peg and Fred let it never be said,

"They've gone and retired," instead,

"They've gone to Florida," say,

"So they can dance everyday,

They're not tired at all, just retread!"


The manatees may not have a chance,

Without partners who'll try to enhance, 

Their hopes for survival,

Which could be the arrival,

Of angels who can teach them to dance.


There are some things which may be on the brink,

Of disappearing and going extinct,

But manatees and square dancing,

Have some chance of advancing,

With Fred and Peg on the scene, don't ya think?



Ed's Lessons

An interpretation of the philosophy of caller/teacher  Ed Kern’s presented on a card to him at the graduation of the 2009 Mainstream Class 


The lesson of square dancing is, 

That it's a lot like life,

Everyone needs a partner,

A pal, a gal, a wife,


When people work together,

You don't just get things done,

It's all about friends and fellowship,

The challenge and the fun,


But dance, like life's not easy,

It has its pain and woes,

Just when it seems a breezy romp,

Someone stomps upon your toes,


Do your best in all you do,

Treat everyone fair and square,

If someone's having trouble, help,

And show 'em that you care,


'Cause nobody's perfect either,

Someday you'll need a hand,

So don't be cuttin' corners,

Then expect to allemande,


And when life's at its darkest,

With confusion all around,

You've lost your way, the song is wrong, 

Your square has broken down,

Be grateful for just who you are,

Look on the sunny side instead,

'Cause to really make a mess of things,

It takes a caller...      like our Ed.




Regarding N.N.J.S.D.A. and Other Clubs


The Lakeland Brand

Response to Lakeland Squares dance notice 4/12/16


At Lakeland you’re always well-treated,

From the moment that you’re warmly greeted,

For them it’s not trivial,

To be most convivial,

And each time you’re their guest it’s repeated!



One Square (meal) is Fare

RSVP to NNJSDA Presidents' Meeting menu posting 2/7/13


The square dancers called a meeting,

To discuss matters while we'd be eating,

Neither menu or fare,

Made us say we'd be there,

T'was because "North Jersey" was treating! 



Questionable Behavior

Published as an Ad in Grand Square.


Before you do or you say,

Something thoughtless or hurtful today,

Don’t be remiss,

And ask yourself this,

Would I like to be treated that way?



We'll Regret it If our Members Don't Get It

Accompaniment to 1/22/16 Email sent to NNJSDA Presidents re: unfortunate incident.


I must, with deepest regret,

Share what must be the worst threat,

To fun, happy squares:

It’s when one person dares,

To demean and make someone upset.



A First that will Last

Presidents and Pie at the Reelers 2/21/14 


First impressions can be quite revealing,

I'll just say my head is still "Reeling,"

For it's on my mind,

That the Reelers I find,

To be a club with a warm, friendly feeling.



Light Up your Life

Card in raffle basket contributed by FWs for regional fund raiser  


The Flutterwheels have made up this kit,

Filled with things that are made to be lit,

We hope to delight,

And light up the night,

Of someone lucky enough to win it.



No Pollutin' Gluten

Card in raffle basket contributed by FWs for regional fund raiser 


The Flutterwheels are rootin' tootin',

Square dancers who are straight shootin',

And we aim to please,

With all of these,

Treats that are free of all gluten.



Open Email of Appreciation to Ken the Webmaster

Response to Ken Robinson 2/16/14


It's swell you dispel our foreboding,

Of baffling data uploading,

If it's easy as Word,

We'll be undeterred,

You've been nice to respond without goading.



To NNJSDA Webmaster

Composed and read at NNJSDA Presidents Dinner 2/15/14


I would have serious scruples,

About working with Pythons and Drupals,

Please make it easy,

High tech makes me queasy,

We're not all cyber-wise pupils.



A Tangled Web

Regarding difficulty in using NNJSDA website 3/24/14 (since corrected)


If using the Web's indispensable,

We need a way comprehensible,

To the common guy,

And that is why,

This ongoing state's reprehensible.



A "Way-to-Go"

A Thank-you to attendees of 3/7/14 dance


In North Jersey, we're the club way out west,

So we're thrilled each time there's a guest,

But to be specific,

Last night was terrific,

Your being there made it the best!



International Women's Day

Serendipitously coincidental with "International Day" dance theme for 3/7/14 dance. Delivered live at dance preceding toast: "To the women of the world... and all the women who are out of this world too!"


On this World-Wide Woman's Day,

Can we all agree when I say,

How we've all been moved,

And our lives improved,

By a woman in some vital way? 



International Day

Invitation sent to NNJSDA presidents regarding 3/7/14 dance, "International Day"


The Flutterwheels are very excited,

To have all North Jersey invited,

Please let us know,

If you plan to go,

And be part of the nations united!



Delicate on Delegates

Instigated by Mike Szekula at delegate's meeting 1/19/14. Composed and delivered on the spot.


N - N - J - S -D - A  is on fire,

To satisfy each club's desire,

It's engaged in a dance, 

To strike a balance,

As if walking across a high wire!



Reelers and Flutterwheelers

For first special Reelers/Flutterwheels dance


We all agree that it's great,

That at long last we've got a date,

When both the Reelers,

And Flutterwheelers,

Will together jointly gyrate!




For Adults Only





This shouldn't come as anything shocking,

That what makes people come flocking,

Is esprit d' corps,

On the dance floor,

And the chance to do "Yellow Rocking."



Bad Luck to get Stuck with a Schmuck

For “Pick-a-Limerick”  Dance.


A square dancer who came from Nantucket,

No matter what call he would muck it,

This went on all night,

He just got one right, 

When the caller had all “Stir the Bucket.”



Inflexible Position 

1/12/16 Upon hearing complaints that some calls are too complicated


If you're one of the type who objects,

When dance moves get kinda complex,

Then the Kama Sutra,

Most likely won't suit ya,

For the way it affects having sex.



Renewing Wooing

For Valentine's Day Dance 2/21/14


If your lover gets tired and pants,

When you're trying to make some romance,

You may surmise,

They've lacked exercise,

And need to get out more and dance.



Racy Gracie

Inspired by dancing/conversation with Mary Jane Roome (aka: “Gracie” ,”Margaret,” etc.) 


A lively lady called "Margaret",

Said she's often been made the target,

Of off-color jokes,

But her act's just a hoax,

"I'm no X-rated, blue movie starlet!"



Guess Who at the Mini-fest (Gracie)

Composed on the dance floor of the NNJSDA Mini-fest 2013


There was a square dancer named Gracie,

Who liked her clothes risqué and racy,

She said crinolines,

Covered her sins,

But you really just need something lacy.




Submitted to Grand Square 11/6/13


A fellow who looked at first glance,

To be doomed to fail at romance,

Couldn't keep girls at bay,

When they heard him say,

"Is there anyone who'd like to dance?" 



Warm-up Steps

Sent out with pictures of 3/18/16 Toga Party.


There is a technique for enhancing,

The pleasure of sex and romancing,

It's more than a way,

To engage in foreplay,

It's the orgy that's known as square dancing